Famous Mascots: The Philly Phanatic

Famous Mascots: The Philly Phanatic August 14, 2023

Arguably one of the most recognizable sports mascots of all time is the big furry green creature that goes by the name The Philly Phanatic. He is large, he is green and he loves the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team. You can find him at all home games where he entertains the crowd and also at community events where he works in public relations for the team. He is hard to miss as he is, well, fluffy and wears large sneakers and a Phillies shirt that has a star on the back. He’ll be the one dancing on the dugout or making fun of the opposing team, full of vim and vigor and always making the fans happy.

The Philly Phanatic has been with the team since 1978 when the owners thought they needed something like the San Diego Chicken to add to the baseball going experience. In his official bio, we find that he hails from the Galapagos Islands and of course he is the biggest Phillies fan of them all, but how could he not be?

When you think of sports mascots there are a few that immediately spring to mind, and Philly Phanatic is one of them, most likely because he doesn’t look like anything in particular, he’s not a baseball, not shaped like a bat and really has nothing to do with baseball at all. Instead he is a green monster like Muppet type creation that certainly has resonated with fans of all ages and across baseball itself. Bottom line is you don’t have to live in Philadelphia to know who the Phanatic is. He is even in the Mascot Hall of Fame, being a charter member of the elective club of famous mascots.

So how did he get so popular? Well, his antics for one, but also the marketing. In Philadelphia you can find Philly Phanatic everything and his likeness is on things from lunch boxes to T shirts. Marketing is key for all mascots and if you have a mascot that you want to get into the public eye, why not make his or her likeness to use as a fundraiser or giveaway?

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