Custom Plush Toy Safety

Above all else, we want Custom Plush Innovations custom plush toys to be safe for children of all ages to enjoy. The toy safety of all of our products is paramount and we achieve it in an ethical and professional manner. This means that we work with reputable factories that provide clean working environments for their workers and have third party inspection companies perform audits on equipment and labour. Custom plush innovations guarantees that the factories that they use for the production of your custom plush toys are clean and safe for all concerned.

We use no hazardous parts or paints and each plush toy is stitched to ensure security. Upon completion, we pass each and every custom plush toy and custom stuffed animal through a metal detector before packaging and delivery.

Addition to our in-house safety and quality control, we can use independent, third party testing labs like SGS to ensure your custom plush toys meet all toy safety standards. Such tests do cost extra for smaller volume orders, but are no charge for larger volume orders.

As far as labelling of your new custom plush toy, all items must be labelled either for distribution in Canada, United States or Eurpose, pending your location and intentions. Typical labelled information will include be country of origin, manufacturer/supplier name and details of the all new materials we use.

Below is a list of the toy safety standards that we adhere to with links for further information...

U.S.A.- CPSIA which stands for Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

Canada - CCPSA which stands for Canada Consumer Product Safety Act