500 piece minimum order
Plush animals manufactured by Custom Plush Innovations

Custom Plush Toys

Service Name: Custom Plush Toys
Minimum Order:
500 pieces with price breaks starting at 1000 pieces
Sizes Offered:
4” to 24”
Standard Turnaround:
90 to 120 days
Rush Turnaround: 60 to 90 days

For the custom plush toy inventors, book authors and small businesses located throughout the United States and Canada, we specialize in turning your company’s illustrations into soft, high-quality bulk custom plush dolls and toys to sell via your retail and online stores.

We design and manufacture any size between 4" and 24" and will provide expertise, support, guidance and free advertising if needed, to help make your custom made plush toys investment a profitable success!

If you have any questions about our custom plush dolls, don't hesitate to get in touch and ask for a free detailed quote so you can review our projected costs and turnaround times.



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Do you create a prototype that I can review before I place my bulk plush toys order?

After you approve a quote, you’ll be assigned your very own Project Manager who will help create a physical prototype sample of custom plush toys design that you can then revise until you’re happy. It typically takes around 2 to 4 sets of revisions before a client approves a prototype via photos. Once approved via photos, we’ll mail you the prototype sample, for an in person review!

What sizes do you offer?

For custom made plush toys, we offer a size range of 4" to 24". Some illustrations we receive are quite complex, so please note, that the smaller the size, the less detail we can replicate. Most clients go with at least a 5” size, while the 9” and 12” sizes are most popular.

What's the minimum bulk order quantity?

Our minimum order is 500 pieces per design with price breaks starting at 1000 pieces. Significant price breaks occur at 5000 pieces and 10000 pieces. Due to the high volume of work we bring our partnered factories, we’ve been able to negotiate lower minimums so as to help accommodate small teams and businesses, as well as large corporations who might seek lower volumes as a “test run” before ordering larger bulk plush toy quantities.



What clients are saying

"Working with Custom Plush Innovations has been the best experience ever! They have provided me a way to bring a new experience to my customers! I am so grateful to have such high quality Chikkies created in such a short time! I will always be going to CPI for future projects! They went above and beyond my expectations!"

Audra Rincon – KawaiiChikkie

"Hi Jordan! I'd love to send you some photos- and I'm always happy to give a testimonial. Everyone LOVES their plushes- our customers are super happy- and they have instantly become one of our bestsellers. I'll attach a few photos here. Also- just checking to see if you received the email with all the info for the plush prototype we wanted to get started ASAP?"

Thanks so much! Chantal"

Chantal Baros – Shining Light Dolls


3 Step Creation Process

It can be a difficult task to manufacture your very own custom plush toys, using a possibly inexperienced domestic or foreign factory. Language barriers, lack of communication and added turnaround times are just a few issues with organizing a bulk plush toys order for safe and timely shipping.

Thus, we want to remove the headaches and possible aggravations from your custom plush dolls project, and manage it every step of the way using our easy 3 Step Creation Process, which includes 1- The Prototype Stage, 2- The Mass Production Stage and  3 - The Shipping Stage. We have the manufacturing and freight forwarding experience you need in order to help make your custom plush project a success!


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