Custom Plush Toy Services

We offer various custom plush toys services to cater to your specific retail and promotional needs. Whether you're looking for promotional custom plush corporate giveaways, custom plush toys for your retail needs or custom plush toy mascots, we offer various services, guidance and accessories to cater to all your needs!

Our custom-made plush animals and toys are perfect for any business or event. Depending on your needs, we can personalize everything from unique creature creation to customized tags. To help you promote your company, product or event, we’ll put your information on tags or accessories to go with your custom stuffed toy.

Our standard custom plush toys service starts with 1,000 plushies minimum per order. We offer discounts at every additional +1,000 plushies ordered. To find out more, contact our team. We’ll provide you with a free quote for your custom project. Since every project we handle is unique, your timeframe and cost will be specific to your needs. Fill out our free inquiry quote form here, or email our team at


What custom stuffed toy service interests you?

Custom Plush Toys

custom plush toys Small Business Retailors, Toy Inventors and Book Authors

Turn your illustration into 5” to 15” soft, high-quality custom plush toys to sell via your retail or online stores.

Corporate Giveaways

corporate giveaway toys Small and Large Businesses

We’ll help you design professional, high-quality promotional plush toys to support company branding and marketing, at your various trade shows and company events.


custom mascot Sports Teams, Universities and Colleges

Replicate your life size mascot into 7” to 15" high-quality custom plush mascot toys to sell within your arena store or book store.


custom mascot Organizations

Customize your very own fun and friendly teddy bears with your organizations logo, colors and slogan. Perfect for promotional, or non-promotional events, as well as fundraising.