We manufacture high quality custom
plush toys in bulk quantities.

- 1000 pieces minimum -
Plush animals manufactured by Custom Plush Innovations

Custom Plush Toy Services

We offer various custom plush toys services to cater to your specific retail and promotional needs. So whether you're looking for promotional custom plush giveaways, custom stuffed animals & custom plush toys for your retail needs, custom plush mascot toys or custom stuffed bears , we offer various services, guidance and accessories to cater to each and every one of your custom plush toys needs!


What custom plush toys service interests you?

Custom Plush Toys

custom plush toys Small Business, Toy Inventor and Book Author

Turn your small business illustration and toy idea into 5” to 12” soft, high quality custom plush toys to sell and make profit. You’ll work with an experienced Project Manager to help guide you through each step.

Corporate Giveaways

corporate giveaway toys Large Business and Promotional Companies

If your large business has a mascot or company illustration, we’ll help you design professional and cost effective custom plush promotional toys. Give them out at your next company trade show or promotional event.


custom mascot Sports Teams, Universities, Colleges and Cities

Replicate your life size mascot 7” to 15" high quality custom plush mascot toys to sell within your arena store or book store, as well as use your custom plush mascot toys for promotional events and giveaways.


custom mascot Add your company colors, slogan and logo to our soft, fun and friendly 9" to 12" teddy bears. Custom Teddy Bears make for a perfect promotional or non promotional giveaway.