Custom Plush Innovations (CPI) is our family-owned and operated business located in London, ON Canada. Along with our long-standing overseas partnerships, we provide high-quality custom plush toys to clients across Canada and the United States of America (USA) for both retail and promotional needs.

In 2008, Dale and Rhonda Snyder introduced CanaBears Inc. to the custom plush market. It was their dream to provide customized teddy bears to schools throughout Canada. In 2010, CanaBears Inc. evolved into Custom Plush Innovations and has since become a leader in the custom plush industry!

Over the years, our journey has been one of slow and steady growth. Today, our team feels fortunate to be working with a broad group of clients from small businesses to large corporations. Toy inventors, marketing agencies, hospitals, schools, sports teams, colleges, universities, and so many more!

We keep our approach simple, streamlined, and customer focused. We pride ourselves on prompt communication and a high level of customer service. And of course, satisfaction is key - we have never walked away from a project without it. To ensure it, we guide our clients through every step of the creation process. This includes design, mass production, and shipping. There's no stone unturned in our simple process, and we're always only an email away!

Curious about who we are? Read on below to meet our team!

Jordan Snyder:

As owner and main Project Manager at Custom Plush Innovations, I love overseeing all aspects of the company. With a growing business, every day poses a new challenge. If you’ve had the chance to work with me, you'll know I pride myself on clear communication. It's so important! I also strive to be a leader in my field and want nothing more than to make positive contributions to my community.


Cathy Mombourquette:

I love all things marketing, and with over 15 years of experience in photography, social media, writing, and design – I’m thrilled to add plush toy branding to my growing list of expertise! Each day is a new day at CPI, but what I love the most is connecting with our clients from all over the world, while getting to know their toy project inside and out. Each plush toy represents something someone believes in and as a fellow entrepreneur, I really get that.


Overseas Partnerships:

We are proud to have long-standing working relationships with two creditable custom plush toy factories in China.


Factory 1:

Located in Dongguan China, north of Hong Kong, their 1500 square meter factory consists of around 60-80 senior plush toy workers, two production lines (60 machines), and four packaging lines. Additionally, they have 2-4 senior toy designers on staff with over 15 years of toy designing experience. Factory 1 produces premium quality custom plush toys with a turnaround of 90-120 days.


Factory 2:

Located in Shenzhen, China, this 3000-square-meter factory brings 22 years of experience to the plush toy industry. Here, their team creates all kinds of plush toys including plush toy animals, promotional items, bean bag toys, toys with motion and sound devices inside, backpacks, mascot outfits, and more!

With 3 senior designers, over 160 well-trained staff, and all the necessary plush toy production machines, their factory is fully equipped to create and ship their high-quality custom plush worldwide.


Freight Forwarders:

When it comes to shipping, we use reliable ocean and air providers including DHL, UPS, Fedex and ITN logistics. Please let us know if you prefer to use your own shipping methods, it's a conversation we're happy to have.



For over 10 years, both CanaBears Inc. and now CPI have used Ark Accounting and Tax for all our financial needs. Located in Kitchener, ON Canada, Ark Accounting provides a high level of customer service and prompt communication. We thank them for their solid guidance and support.


Web Designing and Programming:

This website was designed and is maintained by New Concept Design, located in London, ON Canada. Their guidance and professionalism have resulted in this vibrant and informative website that we’re proud to share with our clients.