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Frequently Asked Questions

We love to meet and make new clients who need custom plush for their retail, promotional, crowdfunding and fundraising needs. And we feel it's important to educate yourself about the 'in's and out's' of custom plush, so that you can make a confident decision in choosing the right custom plush toy manufacturer for you and your custom plush toys project. See various frequently asked questions below and don't hestiate to reach out and contact us anytime if you have any further questions!

Can you turn my illustration into custom plush toys?

Yes, we excel at creating custom plush toys from our client’s illustrations. In brief, we request our client emails us any design specs and illustrations they might have of their character. Then, we use those specs to create a custom plush protoytpe sample. Once you approve your sample, then you can place your mass production order.


Are you able to make plushies look like my mascot?

Most definitely! For years, we've been creating custom plush mascots for sports teams, universities, colleges, schools and corporations. All we need are front, back and side photos of your life size mascot, which we'll then use to replicate your mascot into a 9" or 12" custom stuffed mascot prototype sample. Once you approve the prototype sample, you can place your mass production order for your very own custom plush mascots!


If I don't have an original design, can I choose to customize a teddy bear or stuffed animal with my logo?

Yes. You can customize one of our many designs of customized teddy bears and customized stuffed animals, using your logo, colours and contact information! This is a great opportunity to provide your staff, community or customers with a unique, fun and friendly custom plush…even if you don’t have an original design.


Can I see a prototype sample first, before I make my decision to place an order?

Of course! We will design and create a physical prototype sample first, so that you're able to review it and make any necessary revisions. We call this stage the 'Prototype Sample Stage'. It’s where you get to work one on one with your very own Project Manager and see your creative ideas come to life!


Will it cost me money to make a prototype sample?

Yes. The prototype sample cost is typically between $98 and $269. Complexity of design, size of your custom plush and the fabrics, must all be considered.


If I approve my prototype sample, how much does it cost to manufacture a large quantity and deliver them?

In all honesty, cost depends on size and quantity needed. We encourage you to request a free detailed quote now so that you may review information on prototype samples, manufacturing and shipping costs, toy safety and turnaround times.


What's your minimum order?

After you approve a prototype sample, the minimum order is 500 pieces with price breaks starting at 1,000 pieces. We feel it is important to provide everyone with the opportunity to create their very own custom plush. So whether you're a small business, big business, sports team or school...we have the experience and the resources to help satisfied all needs.


What's the average turnaround time?

It typically takes between 90 to 120 days to complete the whole process from prototype to mass production to delivery. To break it down further, it takes about 30 to 60 days to create and approve your prototype sample, approximately 30 to 45 days to mass produce the prototype sample and about 30 to 35 days to deliver it to your location anywhere in Canada, United States, Europe or Australia.


Where are the custom plush toys made?

Our custom plush toys are mass produced in China. We have not yet come across a factory in North America that will mass produce high quality, safe custom plush toys with competitive pricing. So we work with a handful of reputable factories in China that provide a clean working environment for their staff, do not employee any underage labour, receive 3rd party audits and provide medium to premium quality plush toys that are safe, fun and friendly!


Do you take care of all shipping logistics?

Yes. We are very experienced in freight forwarding and only work with the best in the business to help ship our clients orders from China into Canada, United States, Europe and Australia. We'll take care of all shipping logistics and communications to make sure your order arrives safely. And please note, that shipping costs are included in our quotes and pricing...so theres no hidden costs.


Are your custom plush toys safe?

Yes. We make sure to adhere to all Canadian, U.S and European Toy Regulations for Dolls, Plush Toys and Soft Toys. In brief, we'll make sure that any plastic attributes are secure, all sewing is tight and cannot be torn and we do not add any hazardous amounts of lead or accessories to our custom plush toys, custom teddy bears or custom plush mascots. We can also provide 3rd part lab testing and we pass every plush toy through a metal detector before shipping.


Can you do custom packaging?

Yes you can, but it has to adhere to the safety guidelines that we have in place and not compromise the safety of your custom plush creation. We can even create boxes and add additional sales or marketing items, or build pockets into the custom plush creation itself to store small items!


Can you make accessories for my custom plush?

Of course! Just as long as the accessories don’t compromise the safety of the product, they can be a cute addition to your custom plush. Others have added little toy clothes, hats and backpacks or have added little booklets and/or hangtags for that added touch.