Review - Ktunaxa Nation

Client Name: Jaime Cristales – Ktunaxa Nation
Service: Mascot Stuffed Animals
Size: 9"

“The Ktunaxa Nation is an Indigenous society whose traditional territory is within the asserted boundaries of Canada and the United States of America.

Ktunaxa Nation Citizens reside in both Canada and the United States of America and have empowered separate governments to protect their interests in both countries.

The Ktunaxa Nation Council is the Ktunaxa Nation government in Canada and is comprised of elected officials from ʔakisq̓nuk, Yaqan Nuʔkiy (Lower Kootenay), ʔaqam (St. Mary’s) and ʔakink̓umǂasnuqǂiʔit (Tobacco Plains) First Nation Communities.

Mission Statement: Strong, healthy citizens and communities, speaking our languages and celebrating who we are and our history in our ancestral homelands, working together, managing our lands and resources, within a self-sufficient, self-governing Nation.”

Ktunaxa Nation - Custom Plush Toys

Ktunaxa Nation - 1
Ktunaxa Nation - 2
Ktunaxa Nation - 3

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