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Client Name: Tori-Jane Lambert – Sensor Tech Canada
Service: Custom Plush Toys
Size: 5"

When Blue Mountain Pottery (a commercial pottery company employing 500+ people) wanted to diversify its offerings, BM HiTech was born in 1983. Founders Eswar & Shashi Prasad immigrated from India in the late 1970’s with degrees in Physics (Piezoelectric Ceramics) and Economics, and they came to Collingwood as part of Blue Mountain Pottery’s diversification of piezoelectric high tech ceramic materials (piezoelectricity).

Subsequently, they incorporated  Sensor Technology and BM HiTech as a wholly owned subsidiary in 1983 and have become a global leader in piezo based acoustic tools and systems. Sensor Technology has been committed to designing and manufacturing the highest quality acoustic products since the very beginning and that ethos has not changed.

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