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Review - Puglie Pug

Client Name: Euge Leung – Puglie Pug
Service: Custom Plush Toys
Size: 6"

Realistically, Puglie is the creation of Vancouver, Canada, based graphic designer Euge Leung who hopes to make people go “Awww” and bring a smile to their faces one Puglie adventure at a time!

Beginning as a getaway from a debilitating art block in 2014, Puglie gained momentum with every illustration and laugh he gave Euge. From then on, Puglie was a means to spread more joy to the world, whether it be dressing up as various foods, characters from popular culture, or living the usual pug life, Puglie’s roly-poly journey is just beginning, and Euge can't wait to share more with you.

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Puglie Pug - Front
Puglie Pug - Side
Puglie Pug - Back

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