Review - KawaiiChikkie

Client Name: Audra Rincon - KawaiiChikkie
Service: Custom Plush Toys
Size: 5"

Audra came up with the name of her business from a rooster named Chikkie!He was the cutest, toughest, spunky-est, adventure-est Rooster ever. Chikkie loved exploring everywhere, but he never forgot where he came from. My stories are based off of my rooster’s childhood personality and experiences! He passed away a few years ago, but he’s made an impression on my heart and I hope every Nugget who follows my page or sees a Chikkie GIF also sees that silly aura he had! A lot of his personality is put into the merchandise and stories.”

KawaiiChikkie - Custom Plush Toys

KawaiiChikkie - Front
KawaiiChikkie - Side
KawaiiChikkie - Back

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