The World’s Biggest Stuffed Animals

The World’s Biggest Stuffed Animals October 24, 2020

Custom stuffed teddy bears have been made in all sizes since they were first introduced in the early 1900’s. It seems all the major retailers now have huge bears for sale at all times throughout the year, you can win huge animals at carnivals and what makes a cuter picture than a newborn snuggled on the lap of a giant teddy bear? Stuffed teddy bears have been popular toys and collector items since they were first introduced and now come in an array of styles, colours and sizes. Who currently holds the record for the World’s Largest Teddy, and how the heck do they get him around?

The answer to that is CT Dreams, the largest stitched bear that there is currently on the planet, who is a whopping 55’ 4” in length (that’s 16.86m). He was completed in 2008 and was displayed at the Exploration Place in Kansas, USA. He isn’t light and can’t be easily carried from place to place and unlike the smallest bears there are–those being smaller than a fingernail, CT Dreams has to be carted around in a truck.

In 2005 a huge pink bunny was installed on an Italian mountainside. It was created by a Viennese art group and is 200 feet long making it the World’s Largest Plush Animal.  He is supposed to stay there for the next twenty years and is named Gelatin. His whole reason for being there is to make visitors feel small. They can, if they wish, climb the 20ft high legs and sit awhile on Gelatin’s tummy, though that’s probably not a wise idea after it’s been raining! Otherwise, visitors can walk around Gelatin and marvel at his size while pondering their place in the world.

Other notable ‘big’ things to do with custom stuffed teddy bears is the largest teddy bear mosaic, which was created with thousands of teddy bears made into a replica of the World Wildlife Federation’s symbol. It was made for the 50th anniversary of the group, back in 2011 and people were asked to bring their own teddy to help make the mosaic.

And while it’s not plush, it is a bear, a gummy bear to be precise, and the world’s largest ones of them are available to purchase online. They weigh close to 5lbs each and are equal to 1,400 regular sized gummy bears each having 6,120 calories. They do come with a yearlong shelf life, though, so you don’t feel like you have to eat it all in one sitting.

They can be big, they can be enormous or they can be edible, heck, they don’t even have to resemble a bear, but custom stuffed teddy bears and plush toys in general are as popular now as they ever were.